The Windows of Our Lives

While walking the Camino trail I found myself attracted to windows. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in the minds and lives of the people who gazed out of them. What do windows reveal to us – and others – about our experience of the world?

Gazing out the windows of our rental home on Alder Point road, on our last evening before moving out, we contemplated all that has taken place over our time here. So much has occurred right in front of these very windows! This is where…

  • Judy had regular Skype dates with her sisters (over tea!), and we Skyped countless other friends
  • We hosted our monthly Spiritual Journey Group
  • Judy watched Nicky mow the massive lawn while chanting!
  • Judy re-designed her Spiritual Autobiography workshops
  • Judy learned of, and began to grieve, her dear friend Carole’s death
  • We’ve shared many meaningful conversations with friends who have come to visit from afar (and from close by too, for that matter!)
  • We decided to walk part of the Camino trail and planned the trip
  • We explored the concepts of power and hegemony together, alone, and virtually with 4 other friends and educators as part of a cooperative inquiry.
  • Similarly, this is where Nicky’s creative process took place in designing and facilitating a year-long cooperative inquiry with 6 Directors of Religious Education across Canada
  • We learned of our friend’s plight with breast cancer
  • Nicky made her final decision to leave academia, and we decided to “rightsize” our lives
  • We spent months exploring tiny house on wheels designs

And every so often (quite often, really!) an eagle or great blue heron or ravens or seagulls would fly in front of us, cruising the thermals along the cliff edge, and offer (more than) a momentary pause from our thoughts or tasks. We observed the power of the sea and the winds that sweep it – sometimes spaying salt over the windows, obscuring our view for days. We saw ice flows pack the channel until nothing moved out there and the sounds of the waves were silenced.

We have learned about and experienced a small segment of the lives and history of the humans from Alder Point from those who live here and have befriended us. It is a tall tale and not what one would expect just by passing through. It’s certainly picturesque – with the double wharves and the fishing boats and the remnants of a once thriving fish plant that defined the community. But it is so much more. We have been honed and shaped by the forces of this extraordinary place – human and other than human – and all are a significant part of who we are now. Although we are moving, we are immensely grateful for our time here.

Moving is not new for us. We have a tendency to do so, for all sorts of reasons. As a result we have friends all over the world and can feel grounded just about anywhere we land. And we are so appreciative of the technology that has helped us maintain our deepest relationships – even here on the edge of the continent. We will miss this place – we are missing it already! – even though we are only a few miles down the road in a tent in our friends’ field. The view out those windows and the deeper meaning and connections we made while there will continue to illuminate our lives.

Alder Point Window

Sunset over the ocean at Alder Point home on our last evening



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3 Responses to The Windows of Our Lives

  1. Lynn MacEachern says:

    Beautifully, said. And as this adventure beckoned to you just a few short years ago, so too is another one, calling your name. I can’t wait to hear about it!


  2. Lovely reflection, looking forward to more!


  3. Sandra says:

    I was blessed to be part of the SJG which shared the beauty outside of these windows. However I was delighted to experience the warmth, wisdom and friendship shared on the inside of the windows. May your journey be blessed by the beauty you bring and the beauty you will receive as you travel on in this adventure known as life.


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