Road Food :)

Maintaining a mostly raw vegan lifestyle does take intention and planning ahead, especially when preparing for a month-long road trip! It’s far too easy to fall into old patterning around food when we don’t have easy access to our kitchen, we’re not settled into our usual routines, and we’re surrounded by easily accessible junk food everywhere we stop along the way. So, much of today was spent preparing some raw delicacies for our first few days on road: Coconut and almond milk for morning smoothies; cashew cream cheese for veggie dipping; and some raw brownies to satisfy our sweet tooth (chocolate mint and chocolate orange – yum!) We also try to consciously plan our route around local farmers’ markets and health food stores so we can pick up fresh produce every couple of days. And we did recently purchase a larger cooler in order to  better store greens and other fresh produce, plus our superfoods during our travels.

The Vitamix and food processor are now packed away for the next month in our friends’ garage, and we’re just bringing along the small Magic Bullet blender. We’re trusting that we’ll be spending time with like-minded folks along the way who’ll let us use their kitchen tools (and share their garden bounty) to replenish our special treats here and there!

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