And Now It Has Really Begun!!

Trying a Tumbleweed on for size! :)

Trying a Tumbleweed on for size! 🙂

Our journey towards living tiny began about two years ago with our initial ponderings about the idea and how we wanted to live more simply at this point (the concept of simple living has taken on several different manifestations thus far in our lives…) We began by researching what information was out there about ways to make lifestyle changes in alignment with our values. In the process we stumbled across Jay Shafer’s early website about Tumbleweed Tiny Houses ( Not long after this we went to stay in a Tumbleweed house in Sonoma, California for a few days to see how it felt to be in one of their homes (a twenty foot version!). We spent an afternoon meeting with a wonderful representative of the company and going over ideas and questions we had, including winterizing thoughts (not a big deal for those who live in most places in California!) and our desire to access lofts with stairs and not ladders. It was a great visit which, when we returned home, was followed by an enormous amount of hours researching and reflecting and discussing what we really intended with this shift in our lives.

Our serendipitous encounter with the person who was to become our designer and builder, at a potluck for other friends, offered the next step towards manifestation. More discussion, more research, and a ton of enthusiasm later, we were getting closer and had amassed so much information about building and living tiny. That said, with all the miles we’ve covered and decisions made, it’s only now that it really feels like the journey is actually happening. We now have photos of our trailer being built at Kerr Trailers, a serious trailer manufacture near Sherbrooke, QC! Who knew we would be learning about something so clearly industrial when we launched this project?? [See to see what we mean!!] But we really needed to see the foundation of this project coming to life and to trust that it is going to be solid and strong, to make it feel grounded in reality.

We are also very excited that last week our builder, Matt Willox (, was interviewed on CBC Radio about his experiences on this odyssey thus far [].

Next step: Somehow getting the trailer back to Cape Breton so the building can begin!!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    SO cool Nicky and Judy. I am so enjoying following this process along with you while I contemplate what my eventual smaller living space will look like! 🙂

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