Our Call to the Universe: Who knows where we can land with Tiny?

Dear friends, friends of friends, and strangers alike 🙂 —

Tiny is progressing by leaps and bounds (some of the leaping and bounding having to do with scaling the snow banks that still surround her!) Her red metal roof is in rolls atop one drift, her propane stove is uncrated and Matt is re-redesigning the placement of the pipes as it turned out the elbow just didn’t work as it seemed it would on paper in the original plan. We have trolled websites and local vendors looking for LED lights that we love. Many nights have found Matt and Ashlee and the two of us brainstorming solutions to yet another question that Tiny has lobbed at us. We are getting to know her a bit better so are getting closer to a new name that’s more in alignment with our intentions for her role in supporting a calm, beautiful, spirit infused life.

As she grows, we’ve been imagining, affirming, and actively searching for places for us all to land. We have ideas for sure, but we’re fairly certain that the right physical location hasn’t quite manifested yet (and if it has, we have yet to recognize it!) Last week we came across an ad on Kijiji about a contractor in Ontario who is wanting to gather together with other tiny house enthusiasts to buy land. Our friend, Ashlee, said, “Hey, you should do that! Put the call out for what you are really looking for!” And she is right!!! It IS time to voice our affirmations and visions beyond ourselves and widen our field of attraction. We really do believe that the “grunt” work of searching is a necessity in this process and yet also trust that ultimately the “answer” to our call will come via word of mouth and friends or extended friendship networks.

So here’s what we are attracting/affirming:

  • Beautiful and affordable land in Eastern Canada with wonderful water that we can see and play in; (we are not attached to owning it…);
  • Walking distance to forested trails or beaches for Shanti’s daily walks (and our own sanity and connection to the natural world!);
  • Easy hook ups to septic, good well water, electric (we will eventually want to feed solar back into the grid), and internet;
  • Large enough open space with fantastic soil for us to grow a great food garden (we wouldn’t object to already created gardens – we’ve made so many from sod and clay and wood duff over the years. It must be time for us to have a bit of ease in this realm);
  • A few maple trees on the land, or nearby, so we can enjoy the beauty of their changing leaves and tap them for sap & syrup!
  • Wonderful neighbors and a sense of community;
  • Within 30-40 minutes of access to friends, organic food, and other services;
  • And we currently need to be able to make a living in a congruent way nearby or be able to do so online.

Does any of this ring a bell? Do you think you know the perfect place? Have we left out something really important? Or do you have a connection you think we should make?

Please help us by affirming our vision and making it manifest (Oops, I just mistyped manifast – does that mean we are in a hurry??!!)

Blessings to all,

Nicky, Judy & Shanti

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