A Hearth of Stones :)

As we continue to stay open to and listen to the universe in terms of deciding where to land with Tiny once she is done, we’ve come to realize that whatever choice we make something will be missing. What will be the deciding factor(s): friends and community, landscape, employment, or something different all together? Since we both have spent a good portion of our lives traveling, we are blessed with friends all over the world. Some landscapes speak more to our hearts than others. And we don’t really know what paid work is in store for us. Yet it seems that the three of these elements do not easily come together into a single place. Darn!

Once our choice is made it would be easy for us to lament the element(s) about which we might have needed to compromise. But instead, we are choosing to focus our energy on what we will love, rather than on what might, initially at least, feel lacking. It can be too easy to dwell upon what – or where – we might have been. To help us with this we have gathered together rocks and crystals from some of our favorite spots so that their energy will be with Tiny regardless – a beach near one of the places where we’ve lived in Cape Breton, the rocky half moon bay at Herring Cove on Campobello Island, and some from Auroville in southern India (just to name a few), and have created a hearth for our propane heating stove (inspired by the rock hearth made by a friend in Maine, Barbara Fox). At the very center of the hearth there’s a spiral of rocks that once the stove is placed, will remain unseen (unless you look very very carefully!) — but energetically, we know it’s there :).

Some of these rocks have been journeying with us for a long time. That said, in our downsizing last year we also returned a very large portion of our rock collection to the Atlantic Ocean. Thankfully, friends in Maine were also able to go for an afternoon walk and mail us some rocks from our favorite beach on Campobello Island, so we have their energy with us, as well as the rocks they chose :).

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One Response to A Hearth of Stones :)

  1. Well you know what will be the favorite part of your tiny house for me…. the hearth. Great choice and it will be beautiful. If you need more rocks from herring cove let me know as I am headed there next week but it looks like you have enough.


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