Tiny Has Been Blessed!

Inspired by a story told at a recent Spiritual Directors retreat, we asked friends and family to send a short prayer, blessing, quote, song, or wish – for us, for Tiny, for the world. Having gathered these together, we spent a couple of hours this morning mindfully transcribing all their messages (and some of our own) onto Tiny’s walls (and floor and steps!) which will soon be covered by their first layer of paint. Tiny is so blessed!! And what a gift for us as well, to be able to spend such intentional time thinking of our friends and family (and don’t worry, we brought you all to mind whether or not a message came directly from you at this time!) Though it would have been wonderful to actually have everyone write on Tiny’s walls in person, we are nevertheless incredibly grateful for your offerings. We sang the songs some sent, chanted the chants, and read out loud to one another all the words that have come to grace our space.

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2 Responses to Tiny Has Been Blessed!

  1. Julie Sullivan says:

    love the idea of this, love what it brings into a home, love the photos and the image in my mind of you two writing on your home. did shanti make paw print blessings of his own?


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