Tiny’s Debut!

So many folks have been interested in Tiny’s construction over the past months that we decided to have a Tiny Open House yesterday. What fun! Leading up to the big day, Matt and Ashlee reflected on their favorite parts of Tiny in their blog . Matt worked long hours to finish up some of the more complicated (designing and manifesting the doggie elevator!) and detailed pieces (building and installing closet, cabinet, and drawer front). We vacuumed and cleaned windows, and made raw macaroons, one bite brownies, and mulled apple cider for those who were waiting and chatting outside, and Ashlee added big baskets of muffins. We also put a few colorful mum plants next to Tiny’s steps, along with a shoe rack and sign asking visitors to please leave shoes and food outside. We were ready to see who came after sending out a Facebook invite and some more personal ones to people we know who are not Facebook users.

Over 50 folks, including a passel of kids, came to visit Tiny yesterday milling around inside and out. At one point we had at least a dozen people in the various indoor spaces at once! Some loved the secret outside door that leads into an insulated space in one of the cabinet corners under our kitchen counter, that Matt calls our basement. Others were fascinated by her other unique features: key among them were the doggie elevator to get Shanti up to the loft, the toe kick drawers in the kitchen, the pocket door and ladder combo between the living room and the bathroom, and the beautiful hearth made from stones we had

The infamous doggie elevator (sans dog at the moment!)

The infamous doggie elevator (sans dog at the moment!)

gathered from beaches we love over the years. We had the propane stove lit and there were rotating groups that sat chatting in the lofts or on her custom made couch facing the stove. Over and over again people remarked about how spacious and light it actually felt once inside, a feeling we have come to know. A group in the bedroom loft decided they could run small retreat in Tiny with the lofts as breakout rooms!

Shanti was gifted a knitted bow tie and doggie treat, and others brought wonderful edible or space conscious house warming gifts. Now we just need ideas for some form of meaningful work for Nicky and a visitor with a lawn mower when we land in Ross Ferry! The reality is that for something, anything, to come into Tiny something needs to go out. And since we will have chosen very carefully what we have kept, we won’t easily be giving things up. The best gifts are your shining faces coming to visit and loving our home as much as we do.

Next steps: Have a few more discussions with the power company and those who are going to prepare our landing place. Then, hopefully before the end of October, Tiny will gently travel to her winter spot. And then, amidst the work being done to hook us up to power, sewage, and water we will finally get to move ourselves into Tiny. We can’t wait!

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