So Much Gratitude!

The past 16 months have been filled with adventures, including house & pet sitting in various locations, as well as visiting and staying with generous friends (human and critter). Being “houseless” for this amount of time has us that much more appreciative and grateful for our recent move into Tiny :). Last night was our 4th night in our own bed! (As of our last count, we had slept in over 40 beds and campsites while houseless.) Our belongings are slowly finding their resting spots in our new home and we are beginning to nest (and the bed in the loft really does feel quite nest-like!)

Working out Tiny’s systems will be a process of experimentation over the next few months. It is already clear that we all have some adapting to do. (Today’s good news is that after a few day of balking at the idea of getting into the doggie elevator and having to be picked up and placed in it, Shanti got into it willingly last night and this morning 🙂 ). At the moment we are profoundly grateful to have propane (heat, on demand hot water heater, kitchen stove), power, internet, phone, and are connected to well and septic (already present on the land we are renting). Tiny is also blocked, tied down, and skirted (required for insurance). We find ourselves missing seeing her wheels everyday but are sure the skirting will be helpful this winter!

Even though this is a temporary landing for Tiny (likely until spring/summer), and it cost us more than expected to set up her systems for this time, we are so appreciative to have this special place to cozy up for the winter months.

A big THANK YOU to all who have supported us over the past 16 months in various ways and helped to make this transition possible. We can’t even begin to name you all so we trust you know who you are! In terms of maintaining a roof over our heads we especially want to thank Ashlee, Matt, Jai, Eli, Nuna, Dexter & Joey; Ev, Steve, Jade, Mady, Nula, Taz & Push; Pam, Brian, & Joey; Alison, John, & Marshmellow; Jane & Jan; Marg; Julien, Louise & Moka; Reina & Tim; Kathi; Penny, Kara, Owen, Abbey, Cloe & Barley; Catherine, Kurt, & Rachel. Your human and critter presence and welcome are deeply cherished.

Here’s to a cozy winter for all!


Nicky, Judy, & Shanti



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