Tiny’s Moments of Fame

Here are links to Tiny’s moments of media fame :). It’s a bit challenging to get a message across when there’s only about 2 minutes of air time, plus we don’t get to choose what of the 2 hours of videoing and interviewing gets into the final cut. Never would we have suspected Shanti’s elevator would have received so much attention, for instance. But happy that people can connect with the journey however they can!

CTV National News

Buzzfeed 11/27/2015

CTV Live at 5 interview 11/25/2015

CBC News 11/26/2015

CTV Live at 5 interview

CBC radio interview 5/23/2015

And we would remiss to not once again offer tremendous gratitude to Matthew Willox of Howlingdogconstruction.ca for his incredible work in creating Tiny! 🙂 Never to forget Matt’s patience as we all explored our ideas, requests, and questions. This is a work of art that emerged from the synergy of his skill and craft. And also from the friendship, kindness, creativity, and support of his family — Ashlee, Jai, Eli, Nuna, Joey & Dexter — and their neighbors (especially Joe!)

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