Housewarming Gifts for Tiny :)

Now that Tiny has landed temporarily and we are cozying up for the winter, friends are wanting to offer housewarming gifts. It’s such a lovely tradition and we are so moved by this intention and care. We had no idea how many people we have known over the years have been following our unfolding adventure.

But…2014-01-27 15.11.30

Remember that Tiny is tiny! We gave away 2/3 of what we owned in order to fit into her. This was at times a joyful process, at times a painful process, and certainly always an insightful one. Some things were obvious give-aways and others we debated over back and forth for quite some time. The result is that we have very consciously chosen each and every object that now resides inside Tiny. We trust that our friends have great taste and would only choose to offer us something beautiful or practical. However, if we take in your gift we have to move something else out. No kidding. Everything in Tiny has its place and we not only don’t want to start accumulating, we really can’t! Collections of things just can’t exist in Tiny.

In truth, your friendship is the best gift you could possibly offer us. That said, if you still really want to offer our Tiny a gift, here’s list of what we’d welcome:

  1. Meaningful part time or contract work opportunities for Nicky (in person or online).
  2. We spent over 10 years working for this incredibly transformative educational program (EEI) and would love for anyone and everyone to gift them a donation of any size. Their work is unparalleled (really, we’ve searched for years!) and they can certainly use the support right now as they get their field programs back on the road after a short hiatus. Your donations would make our hearts happy. You can also help recruit future students for the program by sharing this brochure or EEI webpage. It’s a US based program, but it serves the planet, and is open for all!! There have been some amazing Canadian students who are now alums.
  3. Anything edible, because obviously it will not linger taking up space! However, remember we are vegan, and free of gluten, refined sugar, and caffeine. We have been without a garden for the past two years as we were not place-based, so we are missing our own-grown organic produce. But then again, we don’t have much room for storage. We are grateful that the Cape Breton Farmer’s Market has become more robust in terms of offering fresh vegetables, herbs, and some fruits year round. However, it is an hour round trip drive from Ross Ferry :).

Again, none of this is necessary. We just decided to post something as many people have asked us. Your support and care are the best ongoing gifts in our lives!!


Nicky, Judy, & Shanti (& Tiny!)


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