Spiritual Renewal Retreat

Please Note: We are considering cancelling this workshop due to low number of participants. If you are planning to come and haven’t let us know yet, please email us at nickyandjudy@gmail.com before Friday, April 29th. Hoping we can still make a go of it! 🙂

2012-08-19 18.24.36

I pin my hopes to quiet processes and small circles, in which vital transforming events take place.” ~Rufus Jones

Does it sometimes seem like your life consists of rushing – from one pursuit to the next, one place to the next, leaving you feeling more like a human who is ‘doing’ than ‘being’? Are you longing for something else, something more?

This day-long retreat will offer collective space and time to slow down, to consider the question of where you are now in your inner and outer voyage. We are all engaged on a journey, a search for meaning – the lifelong process of bringing head, heart, and hands to what is of ultimate value and significance.

Whatever your beliefs (Pagan, Agnostic, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, spiritual yet not religious, …) and whatever the multi-faceted nature of your spiritual practice (walking in the woods, meditation, prayer, playing with your children, attending a church,…), this retreat offers the opportunity to come together with others to reflect, share, and grow, exploring ways to nurture our connections with the sacred in everyday life.

Come share, learn, deepen, inspire, and be inspired.2011-11-08 09.03.18

When: Saturday, May 7, 11-5pm

Where: Tapestry Yoga Studio, 440 George St., Sydney, NS

Facilitator: Nicky Duenkel (Spiritual Director & former Director of Lifespan Learning, First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa

Cost: Pay what you can 🙂

Contact: nickyandjudy@gmail.com



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