Fermented Nut Cheeze Workshop!

Macadamia Pesto Cheeze

Macadamia Pesto Cheeze

Do you love cheese but dairy doesn’t love you? Do you have friends with dairy allergies and don’t know how to accommodate them with delicious non-dairy alternatives? Are you wanting to try being vegan but just can’t seem to let go of cheese? For all these reasons and more, this Fermented Nut Cheeze workshop is for you!

You’ll be provided with recipes, tips, tricks, and plenty of yummy samples too!



This workshop will cover:

Fermented cheeze and tomatoes

Fermented cheeze and tomatoes

  • Ingredients & equipment for cheese making
  • Benefits of fermentation
  • Basic nut cheeze
  • Herb cream cheeze
  • Cheddar cheeze
  • Parmesan
  • Ricotta

When: Sunday, April 30, 1-3:15 pm

Where: 6025 Kempt Head Rd., Southside

Cost: $45

To register contact nickyandjudy@gmail.com

Class size: 10-12 participants — Sign up early as this class is not to be missed!

Nicky Duenkel is a transformative Raw Food Educator, certified by the Raw Food Foundation in Vancouver. She is passionate about preparing and eating raw vegan, whole & live foods with awareness, and is excited to be creating experiential learning opportunities to share this with you 🙂.

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