Taking our Nut Cheeze on the Road!

We’re spending the month of August travelling (we left Tiny at home in Cape Breton!), visiting friends and Judy’s siblings as well as exploring new and deeply familiar places. Our adventures began in Canada and have taken us from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario. We then turned to the south, entering the Green Mountains and following some of the major rivers through Vermont and into Western Massachusetts, then heading towards the coast in Boston and Cape Cod. We are now back in some of our stomping grounds in coastal Maine (“the way life should be”), and by the end of the month we will have meandered our way back to our loved home and neighbors in Ross Ferry, NS.

We had a number of fairly eclectic goals for this trip – one of which was to offer as many people as possible a sampling of our delicious fermented nut cheezes that they had been commenting on online. We made a couple of batches just before leaving that we shared with friends as we travelled through New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario. While in Quebec we were in one spot for a few days (in our old neighborhood!) with dear friends who love our food experiments. So we all took advantage of that and made a couple more batches which were sampled in Vermont, Massachusetts, and our initial entry into Maine. Sadly, we ran out of “stock” about a week and a half before the end of our adventure and have not been in one place long enough to create more, given the fermentation time needed.

Believe it or not, other than always wanting to share delicious nut cheeze with others, this plan has been part of our marketing strategy for an online Fermented Nut Cheeze class that we are in the process of designing. There are pros and cons to both in-person and online classes. The highlight of an in-person class is inevitably the taste testing! But once the 2.5 hour workshop is over, well it’s over. And if you’re busy when the workshop is scheduled to take place, or you live far, far away, then you miss both the tasting and the learning. Whereas an online class, though lacking in the sampling department, more than makes up for it with the fact that you have access to the class forever and can learn at your own pace and in your own time. That said, nothing really beats experiencing the flavor, scents, and textures of our fermented nut cheezes in person! So we figured the more people we could expose to their deliciousness, the more they will want to share the online class with friends and family once we launch mid-September. Sneaky of us, eh? J

We also made some new discoveries about how well fermented nut cheeze travels in a cooler. The texture and flavor all held up well – even after our marathon 10 hour drive day in 32 C heat and no air conditioning. I guess this speaks well of our old cooler, as well as the cheese!

Part of our getting ready to launch the class means building an email list. So if you’re interested in coming on this adventure with me, and you haven’t already sent your details, I invite to sign up here in order to be notified when the online class is launched!

eating nut cheeze with friends

Our nut cheeze complemented so many delicious meals with friends!

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