Nicky and Judy’s Summer 2017 Health Food Store Peregrinations

One of the things we really love to do when we travel is visit as many food coops and great health food stores as we can. Some are old favorites we always return to in places we used to live or routes we regularly traveled, and others are new discoveries. We don’t even have to buy anything! Just wandering the aisles feels like we’ve come home. We know folks we encounter there are part of our tribe, so to speak. And there is so much bounty and beauty and so many healthy vibrations from the food and the people. It is also really amazing to us how abundant these stores are. They range from the mega Whole Foods to a proliferation of sweet independent stores in town after town after town throughout New England and are a find for us in the big cities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario.

This is something we deeply miss here at home in Cape Breton. That’s not a complaint, just a statement of fact. We love our home for many other incredible reasons! But easy access to really good food is not one of them, except in the small seasons when we grow our own garden and are so often gifted with goodies from the bounty of our friends. One of our favorite sources is the amazing small, but rich and full farmer’s market right here in Ross Ferry. We’ve learned to appreciate the opportunities we do have to immerse ourselves in these environments and feel blessed.

We really enjoy discovering new varieties of our favorite produce and new products. This year revealed a burgeoning kombucha market (especially those on tap!) and we were able to pick and choose from a wonderful variety. We were also particularly interested in nut cheezes given Nicky’s experience in crafting and teaching her own, and thus were drawn to the cheese sections and cooler displays. We did find some, but even in these stores it was difficult to come by. Flavor choices were minimal – so even more reason to learn to make it in your own kitchen!

If you read our blog, or know us, you already know we are planning to launch our online Fermented Nut Cheeze class very soon. We invite you to sign up here if you’re at all interested in, or curious about, vegan alternatives to dairy cheese. As one of our omnivore friends repeatedly tell us, “It’s not just good for vegan cheeze, it’s good all by itself, and I would say as good if not better than any gourmet dairy cheese!”

Plus, if you sign up now you’ll have access to the course launch at a discounted price!

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