About Us

Judy, Shanti, & NickyWe are a couple of women, Nicky & Judy, who have given in to the energy behind one of Holly Near’s songs, wanting to be “sitting and knitting and loving our whole life through.” Though our ages differ, we are each at a life stage where we are called to re-simplify (a long held value for us both). While holding love at the centre, we are exploring what living simply looks like in this moment.

A few years ago, Nicky stepped away from 15 years in higher education. Judy is retired and had been a major anchor at home (with our wee Corgi, Shanti) as Nicky gave a huge amount of my life energy to the demands of a faculty position. We are now consciously choosing to explore what it means to not have work (at least for money) at the centre of our lives. Together with our friend Matt, we designed and he built us a tiny house on wheels, enabling us to work less and prioritize our relationships with self, others, and the natural world.

We have a vision, and we also appreciate the value of not rushing towards that vision, but sitting openly in the space of the unknown. As uncomfortable as this might be at times (to both ourselves and others!), it feels like an important part of our journey.

As part of our transition, Nicky became certified as a Raw Food Educator and Chef via the Raw Food Foundation in Vancouver. (Though only one of us officially took these courses, they are impacting both of our lives!) Eating differently than the North American norm is not something that is new or a particular challenge for us. We have been vegetarians for more than 60 years (if you add up our total!!) and have been vegan, gluten, caffeine, and refined sugar free for the last six. We garden and have long tried to make fresh, local, and raw foods a major part of our diet.

Helping others to make meaning of this world and their experiences is also central to our lives. We both engage in this capacity naturally — with friends, students, colleagues, and even strangers! Nicky has also completed a Spiritual Director program that has helped to more deeply ground her in understanding the diverse spiritual paths human beings walk. As well, it has served to broaden and strengthen her own practices and allowed her to share them with others.

Over the years numerous friends have said to us, “You should write about your experiences!” and so here we are. This blog is our attempt to share some of our explorations of the intersections between key areas of lives: Living simply, eating well of both local and raw foods, practicing mindfulness, and reflecting on our spiritual paths.