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The Unfolding Richness of the Unexpecteds: Reflecting on our time in England Part 2

We left off our last blog post with the realization that one reflective writing session was not nearly enough to recognize the fullness of our time in the British Isles. As Judy has often said since, it felt like we … Continue reading

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Boularderie Island Walkabout

I live on an island (Boularderie) within an island (Cape Breton). That’s a pretty unusual thing in itself. In fact, I seem to have a history of finding myself living on islands throughout my life. I was born in Montreal, … Continue reading

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Many have read this book and written about it. It was #1 on the NY Times bestseller list and is recommended reading for those involved with bioethics and other ethical issues, physicians, researchers, etc. For those unfamiliar with it, the … Continue reading

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Such Gratitude For Our Larger Selves (Cells)

One of our commitments, when we decided to make some changes in our lives that resulted in Nicky leaving full-time employment and our choosing to live in a tiny house, was to spend more time with family and friends and … Continue reading

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Spiritual Renewal Retreat

Please Note: We are considering cancelling this workshop due to low number of participants. If you are planning to come and haven’t let us know yet, please email us at nickyandjudy@gmail.com before Friday, April 29th. Hoping we can still make … Continue reading

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Now and Then – Then and Now – Step by Step

We often reflect on how walking the Camino helped us stay focused on the here and now and how easy it was to lose our way when not focused on the present moment. It seemed like we might only lose … Continue reading

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Tiny’s First Power Outage!

  We’ve been in Tiny just under 3 months now and as we’ve mentioned before it’s still a time for “firsts”. The past two days were no exception. Tiny just survived her first power outage, and it was a doozy. … Continue reading

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Tiny’s Moments of Fame

Here are links to Tiny’s moments of media fame :). It’s a bit challenging to get a message across when there’s only about 2 minutes of air time, plus we don’t get to choose what of the 2 hours of … Continue reading

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Tiny’s Debut!

So many folks have been interested in Tiny’s construction over the past months that we decided to have a Tiny Open House yesterday. What fun! Leading up to the big day, Matt and Ashlee reflected on their favorite parts of … Continue reading

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Taking Time to Reminisce …

About fifteen months ago we set off to walk part of the Camino de Santiago trail to mark a significant transition in our lives. As we reached the post one year mark, we realized that we hadn’t continued to reflect … Continue reading

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