Testimonials :)

Fermented Nut Cheeze Workshop

Stephanie: I had a wonderful chance to attend one of Nicky Duenkel and Judy Pratt’s fantastic workshops yesterday…and now have a bright light shining on many new dairy-free possibilities. As someone who both desperately loves cheese, and knows full well that their body isn’t meant to consume it – this was exactly what I needed. I’m super excited to try out some of their delicious recipes and recommend their workshops to everyone!

Garry: This nut cheeze is absolutely delicious! It’s not only good ‘for a vegan cheese’ it’s good all by itself, and I would say as good if not better than any gourmet dairy cheese!

Raw Food Made Easy: Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food!

2015-01-31 14.43.48

Using the Spirooli!

Pam: Great class last night. Fun and informative. Nicky really knows her stuff! I went directly to the grocery store. Craving the zucchini pasta and that sauce was to die for!

Marie: Hi Nicky, I want to thank you very much for the wonderful day at the Raw Food Class. I was amazed at your presentation. The food was super and the people were lovely. It’s nice to know that there are such wonderful people out there trying to make more people healthy. I look forward to the next class with you!

Jenni: Great time last evening………loved the food and can’t wait to give them a try this weekend.

Ashley: Yet another amazing – or rawmazing!- course, hosted by the engaging Raw Food Educator, Nicky Duenkel. The food was incredible, and very easy to make and accessible to everyone. I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone who want sto experience a fun clas and learn to make nutritious and nourishing food. You will not be disappointed!

Nadine: I love the stories that go into the food — learning about nutritional value, where foods come from, and stories from other participants. I also love tasting everything. Delicious!

Decadent Desserts Workshop

Raw orange chocolate chip ice cream cake 🙂

Ashlee: This class was RAW-mazing! Every dessert was beautifully presented, tasteful beyond belief, and totally doable at home. What a treat for body, mind & spirit!

Karen: It’s nice to see how easy this is to incorporate raw into your diet!

Asta: Clear, easy to understand and follow demonstrations!

David: The class convinced me that raw food is worth eating!

Valerie: I loved everything about this class!

Raw Chocolates for the Holidays

"I LOVE raw chocolates!!!" (Elias, 5 years old)

“I LOVE raw chocolates!!!” (Elias, 5 years old)

Ashlee: Amazing food and inspiring. LOVED learning about the nutritional pieces, and found the class so informative!

Mary: The atmosphere and information were wonderful!

Jai (10 years old): The chocolates are AWESOME! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Carol: The amount of information given was amazing. I also enjoyed the conversation, interactions, and taste testing!

Anna: It all tasted great. Can’t wait to try all of it at home!

Lorraine: Mostly I enjoyed how relaxed and informative the workshop was. Actually, tasting the chocolate was probably the best part :).

Dana: The pace of the course was lovely. It’s a great event to do with a group of friends — lots of chatting, learning, making and, of course, eating. Nicky creates a relaxed, friendly and non-threatening atmosphere to learn about raw!

Emily: Loved Nicky’s intentionality/care/crafting of our time together!

Nadine: I loved how much Nicky’s love of food and of teaching/sharing came through in the class.

Nicole: Loved everything about this class. One of the very many things I enjoyed was that there were so many “teasers” offered and room for further exploration: i.e. the relationship between our gut and our brain, alkalinization of water, etc. Loved it all — too short!

Deanne: Loved learning about unfamiliar ingredients and the chocolates are amazing!!!

Have you taken one of our Raw Food workshops and would like to offer a testimonial? Feel free to add your comments below or contact us directly. We are always happy to hear from you!!


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